Moxom and Whitney
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Your wedding is unique to you. It’s that day in your life that allows you to show the world your love, taste and fabulous style. Call us. Book a consultation. Together we will create the theme that will set your day apart. We are not however, a furniture store – no packages here my friend, your wedding needs to be as individual as you are.

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Corporate Table


Flowers make people happy. It's been proven, there are endless studies done on the subject. Bring life, colour and natural beauty into your work space. Or try a terrarium on the reception desk ( maybe not with naked people in it though?) + View more corporate photos on Facebook

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Love Moxom and Whitney


We can style any event with flowers, terrariums and we even have vintage pieces that can be hired. No vent is too big or small. Call us -you'll be surprised how affordable it really is.

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